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Classes Offered



**Beginning August 19th**

  • 2-3 year olds "Mini & Me" Creative Movement

Dancers will twirl, sway, & jump their way around the dance floor with themed classes and super fun props to enhance their physical and cognitive development.

  • 3-4yr olds *Ballet & Tumbling

Dancers will focus on ballet terminology, balance skills, following directions, making new friends, and free dance time.

  • 4-5yr olds *Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling

 Dancers will twirl, tap, and tumble in this 50min. class that encompasses the fundamentals of ballet & tap for young children along with beginning acrobatics.

  • 6-7yr olds *Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Acrobatics

Dancers will move and groove 2 days each week at this level or choose only one day if you prefer. 

  • 8-11yr olds *Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Acrobatics

Dancers will dive a little deeper into their ballet technique as they become more aware of what their bodies are capable of achieving. Tap, jazz, acrobatics, and hip-hop classes are also available for this age group.

  • 12 yrs & up *Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, & MORE

New or less experienced dancers will have the option of taking our ballet/jazz combo class one day each week and/or hip-hop while our more experienced dancers will take class 3-4 days each week. 

  • ADC Performing Company Opportunities

Dancers who have danced with us a year or longer may be invited to participate in either our Jr or Sr Company as part of our studio outreach program which gives the dancers more opportunities to share their passion with others in the community.

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