Amanda’s Dance Center “22nd Anniversary” Recital, June 16th 2018!

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Classes will begin August 21, 2017 and will run through the school year concluding with a dance recital in June 2018. Participation in the recital is not mandatory, but it is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for your child.  Information about recital tickets, the rehearsal, costumes, tights, etc. will be provided in upcoming newsletters & on the website. No videotaping is permitted at the recital.

June Recital – Saturday, June 16th. Please plan on being in class the week prior to the show for ‘in-house’ rehearsals.     

***REHEARSAL*** SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH at the News-Journal Center

  • Dancers should come dressed in leotard & tights just as they do for class; no costumes!
  • Hair must be in a bun with bangs back!
  • Dancers should have their dance bags with the correct shoes for the show. Please make sure their names are in ALL of their shoes and other belongings.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED. Water bottles only are permitted.
  • It is a “closed” rehearsal. This means no observers are allowed in the theatre.
  • The rehearsal for our youngest dancers (PreDance 3 & 4) will consist of a WALK-THRU to see the theatre, stage, and dressing areas. These dancers do NOT need to wear leotard and tights. A parent may accompany their dancer.

**Please note...the rehearsal for our year-end recital is MANDATORY FOR ALL DANCERS. Dancers will not perform in the recital on June 17 if they do not participate in the rehearsal that morning.

***RECITAL*** SATURDAY, JUNE 16TH – News-Journal Center

*Showtime* 4:00pm – Drop Off at 3:15pm!!

  • Parents drop off dancers to a volunteer in the lobby or side door (signs will be posted)
  • Dancers should arrive in costume with a cover-up on to protect their outfit.
  • Stage make-up should consist of rose blush, red lipstick, neutrals/browns eye shadow with a light or white highlight on brow bone, and mascara – if the dancer will wear it.
  • Please do not send your dancer wearing jewelry, nail polish, or body glitter.
  • Dancers remain backstage for the entire show and parents are not allowed to be backstage unless they are volunteers.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED. Water bottles only are permitted.
  • Please feed your dancer prior to the performance so they have energy to do their best!
  • Please send safety pins, bobby pins, lipstick, etc. with your dancer for their headpieces and costume accessories (which will be given to them at the show.)

For the enjoyment of others and yourself…the use of flash photography and videotaping are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. DVDs of the show are available for purchase – $35.00 Cash or Check only made payable to “Amanda Bell.” Sign up at the ticket table in the lobby.

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All those who participate in the June Recital are required to have a costume. The youngest dancers will also receive a pair of performance tights with their costume. Combination classes will use one costume for their ballet & tap routine in the recital. Jazz classes require a second costume. The manufacturer does not accept returns; therefore, the costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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Costume fees are as follows:

  • $70.00 ($80 after 11/30) Includes ONE Costume and a pair of performance tights. Dancers in Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling Combination Classes. (Approx. ages 3-8)
  • $135 ($145 after 11/30) Includes TWO Costumes, a recital t-shirt, and a pair of performance tights. Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Classes (hot pink, black leotard- 2 days per week)
  • $200-$265* ($210-$275 after 11/30) Includes THREE-FOUR Costumes and a recital t-shirt. No tights included. All dancers NOT in a combination class (purple and black classes 2/3 days per week)

*Instructor will determine how many costumes are needed.

June 2018 Recital Program

2018 Program Ad Rates:
Full Page – 4.5”w X 8” h = $130.00
Half Page – 4.5”w X 4” h = $75.00
Quarter Page – 4.5”w X 2 ”h = $45.00
Business Card – (same as Quarter Page)
Inside Front Cover = $150
Inside Back Cover = $150

Ad/coupon on Tickets = $200.00
Dancer-Grams (text only up to 80 characters) = $15.00

  • Business ads/cards should be submitted exactly as they are to appear in the program.
  • Personal ads will be designed by the editor at no charge!
  • Photos may be used in ads that are 1/2 page in size or larger.
  • Email Camera-Ready Ads/Photos:
  • Ad space is reserved upon completion of payment.
  • Contact Amanda at 386-788-9466 if you have questions.

Deadline for Ad Submission is April 21st, 2018.

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How to make a proper bun for recital!

**Please brush bangs straight back with No side part.